Coaches Page

Coaches Page

 This page has information for all grades of coaches - and those contemplating becoming coaches.
New Government DBS Update Service - free to volunteers (£9.60 via BE)
Tax Guidance for Coaches, Clubs and Employers - on SportsCoachUK website
BADMINTON England coach Peter Jeffrey has completed UK Sport’s Elite Coaching Apprenticeship Programme (ECAP).  Click this link to his experiences on BE website.
BE YouTube coaching focus:  Forehand lift    Forehand drop - and more!
Badminton World Federation Coaches Level 1 Video clips
Level 2 Video clip: backhand defence
If you're a Level 2 then become an Essentials Coach. 

BE Education & Training team statement about any ‘earning limit’ before a coach is no longer considered a volunteer.  For BE, this is effectively as soon as a coach is in a paid role, they should be paying the higher rate.

However for DBS: if a coach goes through their DBS check as a volunteer, and then later within the next 3 years (i.e. before their next DBS check) they start doing a paid role, they do not need to pay the higher rate until they complete a new check (presuming they are then still being paid).
MEDAL LogoBE Continuous Professional   Development (CPD) for coaches, click here


For more information on the DBS update service please click here

Level 2 Coaches can take the Online Essentials Course, free
The Essentials course is an online learning course which can be completed by any level 2 coach. It takes roughly an hour to complete and all they need to do is email to request login details. Once they have completed this we send them out the coach delivery notes in the post. It’s a very good course and really helps to standardise the beginners course as well as help to promote it. For the next 12 months BADMINTON England is giving a free racket to everyone who attends an essentials course (the 8 week course that the coach delivers not the online course the coach undertakes). All a centre needs to do is set up a course and then email BE the number of participates booked onto the course before the first day.
Badminton England Schools Resources, click Here
Kicking up a Racket!

Please find below a link to a fantastic new  BE resource - Kicking up a Racket!  On this webpage you will find a downloadable badminton activity resource with supporting video footage that can also be downloaded.  The video footage is numbered to correspond to relevant activities within the resource.  Please distribute this within your County to make the most of this free Click 'More' below.

Level 1 coaches are eligible to deliver this courseware. 

Become a BE Learning Mentor
To help new potential Leaders consider becoming a Learning Mentor. BE website: 'Leaders can be successfully deployed at:

  • Bisi festivals,
  • Inter and Intra school competitions,
  • Extracurricular clubs,
  • No Strings Badminton sessions,
  • Clubs.

Herts Coach Education Weeks  every February are a great success.  See HSP website for 2017.

SportsCoachUK workshops available:
Like Good Practice and Child Protection, etc

Long Term Athlete Development information. 

List of Herts coaches is on the HBA Coaching webpage
If you are paid for providing coaching, instruction or tuition and tax is not deducted and you don't include that income on a tax return or have an adjustment already in your tax code, then please see the updated HMRC guidance 
CRB merged with the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) to become the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). Click for more information.
Coaches needing or renewing a DBS should email BE Safeguarding to request access to the  national online 'TM CRB' processing system
A list of Herts verifiers is shown below.        
Herts Coachmark simplifies coaching in schools - one certificate to cover community and school coaching with no paperwork to present -and brings other benefits, click here.

BE Launch Bisi Courses for Level 1s and above. Click here to go to info. on BE

BE Launch Coach Zone for registered coaches
click here for more information or here to: go to the BE coach Zone page
BE Coaching Resource including Videos: Kicking up a Racket
Interesting if Controversial Newsletters from Martin Dew-Hattens
   - Finding Future Champions, December 2011
   - How to Kill a System, May 2012
   - Badminton Blow-out, August 2012

Online Safeguarding Training – this course is not aimed at those people that are working directly with children, but is ideal for junior county/club committee members, assistant coaches, technical officials. Further information click here.
Report of 101 Speed and Agility Drills, 14th May at HSV
An excellent session developed and delivered by Andy Allford with a special guest appearance from Donna Kellogg. Click here for report by Brian Jackson, HBA Coaching Co-ordinator.
Sports Coach UK website update - July 2011
      Sport England Club Leaders support website - learning bus


Herts Coaches Week 21st - 25th, and Conference, 26th February
Herts Sports Partnership organised sessions of all sorts, from CPD courses like Safeguarding and Protecting Children to Strengthand Fitness for Badminton - over 1400 places in all (not all were badminton related!).
Gobi Ranganathan and Phil Gray ran a Coaching Badminton for People with Disabilities Workshop
 that had several enjoyable moments.
See more course photos on Flickr.
 At the Conference on Saturday, Nick Goode, from the Goode Academy, delivered a Masterclass on common junior problems and how to coach for them. There were many different sessions on offer - free to Herts Coachmark coaches (£10 otherwise): our keynote speaker was John Amaechi, former NBA basketball star, best-selling author and physchology PhD and David Turner offered 'An Educational Perspective on Mentoring in Sports Coaching'. As a Principla Lecturer in Sports Studies at the University of Hertfordshire, this was an ideal topic for David.

Keeping Safe From The Taxman
'The taxman (Revenue & Customs; HMRC; Small Business Compliance) are all under pressure to collect more tax! In the past, tax inspections have been been unlikely (under 2%) but doubled last year, and are likely to increase in future. Tax Inspectors were given new powers in 2009, including targets to meet. Small businesses are more likely to be inspected than professionals.' 'Sport is considered a priority for inspection.' 
See notes from GB Sport Solutions workshop from Gill Bartlett.
See HMRC 'Responses to Questions' September 2010

BE Coaches Update information provided at the conference by Julia Strong, BE Club Future Manager, comprised:
 - Performance Center Coaches Manual - containing useful information like assessment schemes
 - Kicking up a Racket
The aim of the Kicking up a Racket resource is to provide coaches, leaders and helpers with a series of lessons designed to meet the needs of children and young adults at introductory levels of our sport.  Whilst the resource has been designed to support the programme initiatives Premier League 4Sport and Change
4 Life, it can be used by any coach or leader to provide sessions that are:
- Fun, innovative and vibrant
- Emphasis on players learning to hit the shuttle and rally
- Opportunity to learn through play -
- Commits to maximising  the involvement of everyone
Provides a range of activities at different levels
- Maximises opportunity for players to experience success
Within the resource, which comprises both hardcopy and website videos, you will notice the young people using Bisi equipment.  If you would like to purchase Bisi equipment please go to
More info on HSP site on Coaching.

Herts Coaches Visit the National Badminton Centre and to see and speak with National Coaches and Players in Action

County Coaching Co-ordinator, Brian Jackson (Centre of photo), organised the visit.  The 10 of us were warmly welcomed, saw top England coaches like Julian Robertson and Peter Jeffery coaching out top international players like Jenny Olver, Gabby White, Rajiv Ouseph,...  After a tour around the BE site, and a question and answer session with the coaches we had a good lunch together in the restaurant.

To see more photos from the visit on Flickr, click here - opens in new window.


Dates for Your Diary

HBA January Newsletter - with photos

General Data Protection Regulations Come into Force 25th May
This impacts all clubs and organisations that hold personal data. 
While Badminton England Head office will be preparing draft template policies and procedures and templates for clubs and organisations to use to comply with the new regulations you can read/download now the authoratative Information Commissioner's Office document on the background and the steps need to comply here.  
Update your Email Preferences or miss important information
Please can you remind all your members that they need to update their email preferences on the new Badminton England Go Membership system,  otherwise they will not receive any communication from them.

They should have received a generic message directly from Badminton England once you affiliated your club and all your members but Badminton England have advised that some members have not carried out this simple task.

It only takes a few minutes and  click here for a brief guide which shows members how to do this.

It is important to note that if members do not update this section they will default to “ Do Not Contact” and Badminton England will not send them any future communication. 

Colin Walker, HBA Membership Secretary